06.04.2022 | 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr
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Meat the Future I

As more and more conventional meat producers extend their product range by including plant-based and other protein alternatives or creating meat-protein hybrid products, the barrier between conventional and alternative production is dwindling. Challenges such as scalability, necessary technological requirements, process automation, and digitalization affect all protein producers equally, regardless of their primary protein source. Therefore, we invite you to join our digital panel discussion with leading experts on their transformation strategy from meat to protein manufacturer.

Talk 1: From Meat to Protein Production: Challenges and Chances – an Outlook



The way we view, produce, and consume proteins has shifted. While many established companies are in the middle of their transformation process, others plan to make the jump. We invite you to join our debate on the challenges and chances the transformation from meat to protein production holds. You can look forward to our discussion about how the industry as a whole can adapt, the roles new stakeholders could play, and ways conventional and alternative protein producers can learn from each other. Together with leading industry professionals, we will look at best practices and possible challenges to “Meat the Future” of an entire industry.

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